EFT for emotions


EFT and Emotions

EFT has been successful in addressing the following emotional challenges:

Abandonment Issues
Alcohol Abuse
Anger Management
Children’s Issues
Cigarette Addiction
Conflict Resolution
Comfort Eating
Cravings (chocolate, cigarettes)
Drug addiction
Emotional Overeating
Emotional Pain
Fear of Flying, Spiders etc.
Food Cravings
Grief and Loss
Habit Breaking
Limiting Beliefs
Negative Emotions
OCD Obsessive-Compulsive
Panic Attacks
Painful Memories
Performance Anxiety
Trauma (PTSD)
Relationship Issues
Victims of Crime
Many more…

The innovation of EFT builds upon recent research and discoveries in the field of quantum physics, Albert Einstein’s greatest teachings, and ancient Eastern medicine and healing practice.

All of which maintain that everything in the universe is energy.

With EFT, you can learn how to balance your energy and emotions.

EFT – EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES can lead you to true Emotional Freedom… And here’s the why and how.

Our beliefs, thoughts and emotions are all interdependent and each one affects the others.

While most of us are aware of how we feel, we often don’t realise that each and every emotion is also linked to a particular attitude, thought, belief and behaviour.

For example, a person who has the belief “The world is a dangerous place” will have thoughts like “Something bad is going to happen” and will feel the emotion of fear. Then, they will behave in fearful ways, including having more fearful thoughts.They may even attract into their lives people, conditions, circumstances and situations which they will perceive as dangerous and they will judge what they see around them as proof and evidence that they were right. They knew all along that the world was a dangerous place. Thus confirming and adding to the original belief that the world is a dangerous place. And thus, the loop continues. This loop of beliefs being reconfirmed is known as the self-fulfilling prophecy, ot that which you believe becomes true for you.

One key principle that many people are not aware of is that our beliefs, thoughts and emotions are held in place by energy and are stored in our bodies at a cellular level.

So this means that when you have disempowering beliefs, thoughts and emotions in your body, there is also a coexisting disempowering energy in the body. Conversely, when there is disempowering energy in your, body there are also disempowering emotions, thoughts and beliefs.

Put in other words, when there is an energy disruption in the body, there will also be an emotional disruption and vice versa.

In order for you to experience Emotional Freedom, or be able to choose empowering emotions and thoughts and beliefs, it is necessary to balance the disruption in your body-mind’s energy system.

Maybe you are thinking right now “What are talking about… balancing the body’s energy?”
Well first of all, just remember that everything in the universe, including thoughts and emotions, is energy.
Next, try a little exercise which should help get my point.
Think about a time you felt extremely angry, and vividly recall how furious you felt. Maybe you felt irate or absolutely furious about something someone said or did, or perhaps something they didn’t say or didn’t do.
And attached to your memory could be the belief that says:
“They’re a no good so-and-so… etc.”
And attached to the belief might be the thought:
“They should have done what I wanted… etc,”
And attached to your thought and belief is the emotion:
“GRRRRR!!!” or fury.
And attached to your emotion is the disruption in the energy system which could show up as any physical signs or symptom such as breathing more rapidly, increased pulse rate, rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, abdominal cramps, sweating, clenched jaws or fists, nausea, a tight chest, mental noise or confusion.

You see, you can not have a negative or disempowering emotion without it manifesting as a disempowering symptom in the body. And the reason is that e-motion = energy in motion. Emotions are energy in motion. That is, energy moving throughout your body.

The good news is that it works for empowering or healthy energy the same way it works for negative energy. If you have empowering thoughts and beliefs, you also have empowering energy and physical sensations.

For example, if you vividly recall a time when you felt completely peaceful and loving and had peaceful or loving thoughts and beliefs then you will have peaceful, loving emotions and peaceful and loving energy.

Now I hear you say “But how can I have peaceful and loving thoughts when I’m feeling terrible?” Well that’s the catch. If you want to have emowering beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behaviour and energy, then you must address what is holding all in place.

What you need to do is: balance your body-mind’s energy.

“How do you do it?” I intuit you asking.

With EFT.

Now, the great news is that this means that you don’t have to feel bad any more. Instead, you can consciously choose to feel good.

This is because when you have disempowering emotions, you can use EFT to balance the energy disruption that is holding it in place. The result of balancing your energy system through EFT is that you will experience also a empowering emotions, thoughts and beliefs and behaviours.



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