Tapping Into Your Full Potential with EFT

Tapping Into Your Full Potential with EFT

Here are the steps to tapping into your full potential with EFT which the workshop is based upon:

1. Know that it is possible

Having the belief that anything is possible (or at least the belief that that which you wish to create is possible) and believing that you can create the life that you want to is fundamental to reaching your goals, or creating the life you want to, or reaching more of your true potential.

Becoming a possibilist (not an optimist or a pessimist but a possibilist) is the first essential step in the formula, and is often where the tapping begins. Many people lack the self-belief, self-confidence, or faith in themselves that is required to be, do and have what they want.

As you can imagine, if you wish to reach which your potential, you must first have faith in your ability to do so. EFT is excellent for addressing any doubt, uncertainty, lack of self belief, scepticism, and even can clear the events and episodes which created these self-limiting beliefs in the first place.

2. Decide what you want

In order to go somewhere, in order to go anywhere, even if you just want to go from the lounge-room to the kitchen, you need to determine your destination, i.e. decide where you want to go. In order to reach a goal you first need to set your sights on that goal. i.e. decide what you want to achieve. Some people have trouble with goal setting, for various reasons. EFT can help with goal setting by providing mental and emotional clarity and it can also help you get clear on what goal you want and why you want it.

3. Determine where you are now

If you go to googlemaps and type in your destination (where you are going), in order to give you directions, you also need to type in your point of departure (where you are leaving from). The destination is not enough. You can not know which route to take unless you know where you are now. In fact, that is the reason why if you are in a huge shopping centre and you look at one of the maps of the centre on a sign you will notice that there is always an arrow which says “you are here”. This is because you need to know where you are now in order to make any sense of the map.

Before reaching any goal it is important to identify where you are now in relation to that goal – if for no other reason than to determine what your next step, or action, needs to be to move you towards that goal.

Using EFT regarding where you are now in relation to your goal is often very interesting. Sometimes people do not want to admit where they are now in relation to their goal because it can make them realise how far they are away from it. And in other cases there are people who do not want to admit where they are now in relation to their goal because it can make them realise how close they are to it. EFT can help clear any issues around where you are in relation to your goal and any related thoughts or feelings.

4. Get leverage / Make it a must to change

These two of questions can help provide leverage or motivation to move towards and take action towards your goals:
What would happen if you did not reach your goal and what effect would have on you and others?
What will happen when you reach your goal and how will this positively effect you and others?

The first of the two questions may bring up some resistance, negative emotions, and uncomfortable feelings which can help increase your motivation to change. And EFT is excellent for clearing any counter intentions which may come up when doing this. The second of the two questions will probably help you access positive emotions and feelings associated with changing and these can be augmented with EFT thus providing further motivation.

5. Uncover blocks, resistance, limitations

There are many things which can get in the way of reaching your full potential or reaching your goals. The most significant obstacles or blocks are not those which occur in the outside world such as a flat tyre, bad weather, the economy, your housing burning down, but rather are the internal obstacles or blocks such as doubts, fears or excuses, which ultimately determine how well we do in any endeavour, or even in life itself.

Using EFT to uncover and identify these internal, sometimes unconscious, blocks and resistance often results in “aha” moments as people find out things about themselves that they hadn’t previously known or even imagined. They find out what has held them back in the past, they find out the underlying causes which explain why they had never quite made it, why they got so far and then sabotaged their own success, in whatever area of life they were focussing on. Once you are aware of the old patterns, blocks, resistance you are able to clear them. see step 6)

6. Remove the blocks

There is no better tool than EFT tapping for clearing and resolving resistance in all of its various forms: unconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, self sabotage, comfort zones, or anything that can get in the way of reaching your goals or your full potential.

Not only does EFT reduce the negative feelings and emotions which can stop you in your tracks but it also works on resolving the causes, the original memories and experiences or “traumas”, where the self-doubt, or limiting beliefs come from.

7. Get clear on why you want what you want (what’s most important to you?)

Step 4. above called “Get Leverage” is about using both positive and negative motivation in your favour. And motivation is an important part of action, it is what compels us to do anything. However, whilst motivation always works in the short term, in order to have long-term motivation and determination, you need inspiration. This inspiration comes from identifying the reasons why you want what you want. It is the “Why’s” more than the “What’s” which will ultimately determine your direction in life and the actions you take.

In finding out why you want what you want, it is important to tune into and become aware of what is most important to you in your life, that which you truly value.

8. Create goals that inspire you and that you truly in alignment with

Once you have identified what is most important to you in your life, i.e. what your values are, it is key to make sure that any goals which you have in your life are in alignment with those values.

Effective goal setting is an extremely effective way of reaching more of your potential. It helps to stretch you and inspires you to grow. However, in order for the goal setting to be truly effective, the goals must be in alignment with your values. The congruence and integrity which comes from aligning your ever-so-strongly-desired-goals with your highest values provides enormous amounts of energy and inspiration which we than tap into even further with EFT.

There was an initial goal setting in step 2. “Decide what you want”, but this is the goal setting exercise which really makes the difference.

9. Tools for manifesting

There are many tools for manifesting such as visualisation, affirmations, incantations, and gratitude excercises. We will tap into some of these other powerful tools during the workshop and especially tap into the incredible power of gratitude and appreciation.

10. Planning

They say that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Well, there’s a lot to be said both for and against planning and there is definitely a time and a place for planning and a time and a place for not planning. We will use EFT to clear any resistance as we work out an effective way to plan.

11. Taking action

The Law of Attraction states that when you are able to get into vibrational resonance with your goal, then the goal appears. I persoanlly believe this to be true. But, be aware not to fall into the trap of thinking that you can get into vibrational resonance without taking any action. Getting into vibrational resonance with your goals consists of deciding what you want, believing that you can achieve it, visualising it, desiring it, feeling good and grateful for its coming into being, planning, taking action, and, of course, clearing any blocks with EFT along the way. Remeber that the last six letters in the word attraction are a-c-t-i-o-n. We will do EFT tapping to get clear on taking action, what action to take

12. The mindset of a successful person

You can reach more of your potential simply by learning from people who have reached more of their potential and adopting a similar attitude and, if appropriate, modelling their mindset.

This process of learning and modelling others’ ways is very powerful but it can sometimes uncovers issues or aspects which are tap-able and can be easily addressed with EFT.

13. Keep yourself in good condition mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

You can not possibly reach your full potential unless you are in optimal condition mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The benefits of taking good care of yourself are so obvious that it should not even need a mention. But the fact is that so many of us neglect to take care of ourselves on one or more of these levels.

Whether it is a healthy diet, exercise, finding time to meditate, continuously learning and maintaining an active mind, remembering to tap when you need to, feeling gratitude and appreciation for your blessings, sometimes we get in our own way in doing what’s best for us. EFT can be an effective way of clearing these blocks.

14. Get coaching, Keep learning and growing

A good coach does so much more than just help you identify a strategy for your success and hold you accountable to your actions. An effective coach, using effective tools, can enable you to get clear on what you want, identify where you are now in relation to what you want, determine how to get from where you are to where you want to be, and also assist in working through the blocks, obstacles and resistance that lie along the path of getting what you want and becoming the way you want to be.

A good coach can help you see and find the resources within yourself that you have been unable to find within yourself and help you reach more of that untapped potential.

15. Calling in the heavy artillery :-)

By heavy artillery I mean faith. And no, I am not necessarily talking about religious faith here. The best dictionary definition that sums up what I mean is: “Complete trust, belief or confidence in someone or something.”

There is so much power in having complete trust, belief, confidence and faith in yourself, in your own ability, and also in something more than just yourself, that it makes good sense to tap into this power.