profileEFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) was initially found to be extremly effective at providing relief from intense, disempowering emotions such as panic, fear, anxiety, trauma, anger, grief, guilt, shame, resentment, stress, depression etc.

Early EFT practitioners began to notice that once the emotional issues had been cleared, many physical benefits were also experienced. Physical symptoms such as pain, and discomfort from other minor ailments would subside and, at times, disappear completely.

It was then that EFT’s amazing potential for physical healing through addressing unresolved negative emotions, whilst balancing the body’s energy, was realised.

Further widespread clinical application of EFT has shown that EFT is not only effective in treating minor ailments and symptoms, but it can also aid the healing process of more serious illness and diseases.

EFT provides remarkable results in physical healing simply through addressing unresolved emotional issues or traumas. Thus, it seems obvious that the emotions are a major contributor to most physical disease. So the reason EFT is so effective is that instead of treating just the symptoms, it is actually working on a part of the cause.

For some newcomers to EFT, the idea that physical disease is, in part, caused by your emotions, is a bit of a stretch to their existing belief systems, but the results speak for themselves.

Indeed the overall success rate for competent practitioners of EFT is in excess of 80%.

To understand the theory which attempts to explain EFT’s effectiveness in treating physical disease, you need to remind yourself of what quantum physics tells us, and what Einstein taught us, and what many ancient cultures have always known:

Everything in the universe, including you and me, is energy.

If you have any physical ailment, from very minor symptoms to chronic disease, you have an imbalance in your energy system. Along with the energy disruption, there is also a disruption in your body-mind’s emotions. Remember that both wellbeing or disease in your body are just different forms of energy. One is healthy and the other is unhealthy energy. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are just another form of energy. Anger, shame, resentment and fear are unhealthy energy and peace, serenity, love and gratitude are healthy energy.

If unhealthy emotions (negative energy) like shame or resentment are held in the body over a period of time, the result will be unhealthy symptoms or illness (negative energy). Whereas if you allow positive, healthy emotions, such as peace and love (positive energy) to dwell in your body over a period of time, you exude wellbeing (positive energy).

Exactly why EFT can provide such outstanding health benefits is still not scientifically explainable. All that is known is that if you balance your body-mind’s energy disruption with EFT, there is also a very high chance that that you will notice a noticeable improvement in your health.

People with all of the following issues have used EFT with positive results:

AddictionsAllergiesAnimals’ Health IssuesAlzheimer’sAnorexia



Blood Pressure


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Cold and Flu




Eating Disorders


FibromyalgiaHeart PalpitationsHeart ArrhythmiaIrritable Bowel SyndromeInjuries


M.S. Multiple Sclerosis


Pain Relief

Parkinson’s disease



Respiratory Problems


Skin Disorders

Stress Related Disease

Vision Issues

Many more

Many doctors now believe that as high as 95% of illness and disease is caused or contributed to by stress. EFT is an extremely effective way of reducing stress and therefore stress-related conditions. Perhaps 95% of all conditions.

As EFT works by applying the same energy balancing technique for every problem, you can use it for any and every problem – no matter what yours might be.

Whatever your condition, EFT may be able to help you in some way. In fact, you may find that other people with your very condition have benefited from EFT enormously, and that it can help you too.