Interested in becoming a practitioner of Spiritual EFT? 

These Spiritual EFT training workshops are useful for the following:

  1. people interested in learning Spiritual EFT from a practitioner perspective, (i.e. if you wish to become a qualified Spiritual EFT practitioner or use Spiritual EFT in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities)
  2. people who are interested in using Spiritual EFT for self-help, self-healing & self-development (i.e. if you are only interested in how you can use Spiritual EFT to benefit yourself, overcome personal issues, feel better and positively transform your life)
  3. people who are interested in learning Spiritual EFT to help friends and family
  4. people who are interested in spiritual Awakening and spiritual Awareness or Awakening of Self

So how can one single workshop be useful for Practitioner Certification and also Self Help and also Self-Healing and also for personal Transformation and also for Spiritual Awareness and also overcoming problems and transforming one’s life for the better?

All of this is possible simply because, Spiritual EFT, is always a form of self-help or self-healing which results in self-Awareness and the resolution of problems thus improving your life. In order to learn Spiritual EFT it necessary to apply it to real issues (yours and other’s). So the way to learn how to be a practitioner of Spiritual EFT is to use it to resolve issues and create personal transformation.

These trainings consist of live EFT workshops followed by a post-course mentoring component. This mentoring component is only for those people who wish to register as EFT practitioners with AAMET and is by no means a requirement for others who just wish to attend the workshops for personal benefit, transformation, or the self healing that EFT offers.

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