Feedback from participants in Brisbane July 2010 level 1 & 2 EFT workshop

Great weekend. Got to free up a lot of long stuck emotional issues.”
Vicki Tate – Brisbane, QLD – Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner

“What I loved about the EFT workshop level 1 & 2 with Andrew was:

1 Relaxed environment
2 Steady and relax pace for learning
3 Structured with room to ask questions
4 Sharing real examples of years of learning & working with EFT. Sharing personal examples that he has worked on
5 Andrew made the learning experience FUN
6 Finished the workhop knowing I have the basics & more to use EFT
7 Finished the workshop with no neck or shoulder pain which was one of my intentions/goals LOVED IT”
Salima Speranza – Maleny, QLD – Head Life Coach and Trainer with the Australian Depression Institute, Journey Practitioner, NSR – Kinesiologist

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop with Andrew. His energy, humour & passion was a fabulous guide into EFT. It (the workshop) was fun, motivational & inspirational. I am excited I have a new tool to utilise in my personal growth, & one I can share with my clients.”
Megan Bowen Yoga Instructor Wynnum, QLD

“I had already watched all of Gary Craig’s CD’s. This workshop helped me learn new techniques and get excellent advise on working with clients as well as strengthening my confidence in becoming a professional EFT therapist. I was also able to deal with several of my personal issues and beliefs in a way which I had not discovered before. Thank you, Andrew, for sharing your knowledge with me!”
Marion Walder, Reflexologist, Cairns, QLD

“I found the courses (Parts 1 & 2) excellent. They were stimulating and informative giving me astonishing personal break-throughs as well as a very simple & sharp-edged tool to use in the future. I am very happy to recommend Andrew Lewis as an EFT trainer. He is well informed, clear and humorous. Three days with Andrew is a delight, and I feel that I have been handed and extremely wonderful tool for transformation at a very modest cost.”
Dave Clark – Brisbane, QLD

“Thank you Andrew, I enjoyed the format of the course which was well planned, giving a good balance of theory & practical. I felt that no question was too insignificant to be answered. Enjoyed the “stories” which emphasised without discussing patient confidences.”
Ann Mcleod Taylor – Brisbane, QLD – Registered Nurse, Midwife, Medical Hypnosis, N.L.P., Time Line Therapy, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch, Massage Therapist,

“What was good about the course?
Andrew is very informal and approachable
Provided good examples from own practice
Allowed time for practice and experience
Good sized group
Group with common background provided sharing ideas
Environment excellent – cosy and suitable
This course is certainly value for money. I would recommend it to other colleagues.”
Di Pelin – Brisbane, QLD

Feedback from participants in Melbourne July/August 2010 level 1 & 2 EFT workshop:

“Positive life changing 3 days. Wouldn’t have missed it for anything.”
Delphine Christien – Bendigo, VIC – Business Manager, BA Communication/PR/Marketing

“I just completed a three day EFT workshop in Melbourne run by Andrew Lewis. Andrew’s easy, friendly and non-judgemental nature and open teaching style made this workshop an education and experience not to be missed. I have grown personally and professionally during the three days and Andrew’s knowledge on how to apply EFT in one’s personal as well as professional life has been simply outstanding and not to forget, fun. I would highly recommend Andrew’s workshop to anyone thinking about wanting to experience or practice EFT on a personal or professional basis. Happy Tapping. :) ”
Ute Heward – Adelaide, SA
Coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
Hypnotherapist, Matrix Therapist

“Andrew your workshop was fantastic. The ease at which the information was given and practiced throughout the course made the entire process enjoyable + comprehensible. I have no doubts that this weekend will change my life for the greater good.”
Steve Baldock – Ferntree Gully, VIC – Reiki & EFT practitioner

“I had a very profound experience. I was amazed at how fast (for me) the the emotional charge was reduced. In regards to my content I was working on.”
Sean Collins – Melbourne, VIC
Practitioner of Intuitive Reiki, Creative Therapy, Shamanic Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Chi Kung

“I found Andrew to be very good at teaching the use of EFT and found the whole experience to be really enjoyable – was able to learn and then experience the power of EFT. Right away. Fun weekend for all concerned.”
Damian Kelly, Ballarat, VIC

Would you recommend this workshop to others?
“Yes, it is a good overview of the basic requirements presented with humour and integrity.”
Charlotte Smith – Melbourne VIC – BSc, Counellor, EFT Practitioner

Did you get what you came for?
“Yes and more + stuff I wasn’t expecting.”

Will you now go and use EFT on your own and/or with others? Level
“Yes. Yes. Looking forward to incorporating EFT into my practice, gaining experience and generating some results.”
Paul, Seacliff, SA

“If nothing else – it’s a great tool for self empowerment in managing life’s vicissitudes”
Marina Makushev – Melbourne VIC – Teacher

Would you recommend this workshop to others?
“Yes definitely. Even to friends who, like myself, are sceptical of “alternative” practices/processes.”
Kate O’Rourke – Melbourne, VIC

Feedback from participants in Brisbane October 2010 level 1 & 2 EFT workshop

“Andrew’s EFT Level 1 and 2 course was awesome. It is fun, challenging, informative and gives a wonderful start to anyone who wishes to learn EFT. I didn’t know what to expect, but I am delighted with the whole experience. Andrew is a great fun and knowledgeable teacher. I recommend this course without reserve.”
Simon, Engineer, CPA
NSW, Australia

“I enjoyed the course and feel better already knowing I can use this technique for various situations and to further my own development.”
Brisbane, QLD

“I was afraid that coming to this course I would become bored as I had already both read EFT manuals and watched EFT videos, but I found it a truly uplifting and powerful experience. Andrew is an inspiration as a person and a facilitator. Thank you.”
Odette Davis

“I thoroughly enjoyed the EFT level 1 & 2 workshop. I learned so much I can use with my clients and also feel like I have managed to shift some difficult emotions which had been with me for such a long time. What a wonderful gift! Thank you Andrew and my fellow students.”
Amanda Pain
Counsellor and Educator
Brisbane, QLD

“What I enjoyed most about Andrew is his approachability, humility, down to earth way and ongoing humour. He related to the group with warmth, sensitivity and professionalism. Thank you and well done.”
Natasha Cowie
BA Psych, Public Relations
Consultant Private Enterprise
Mullumbimby, NSW

“I’ve studied many healing modalities, but EFT is the course that made me feel I could finally and completely overcome a range of health issues that had been with me a long time. Brilliant stuff. Thanks Andrew.”
Troy Chapman
Brisbane – Caboolture, QLD

“I went out for the first time tonight since the course finished, to the local Woolworths. My normal level of anxiety is about 8 and on this trip it was a 1. I was watching the normal triggers and it just wasn’t there like it usually is. That was a nice surprise.”

“EFT is an easy way to clear suppressed issues of life-long blocks. I look forward to incorporating it in my practice.”
Maria Kottaridis
Gold Coast, QLD

Feedback from participants in Sydney July 2010 level 1 & 2 EFT workshop

“A truly awesome transformational enlightening 3 days of energy clearing techniques. Thanks mate. Will be keen for level 3.”
David Patane, Maroubra, NSW
Social worker

“Andrew’s passion about EFT is contagious without the hard sell. The results in the workshop before my eyes were really inspiring about what I’ll be able to deliver to my clients. Andrew is warm & low pressure, allowing us to take the EFT journey in our own pace.”
Anne Miles
Sydney, NSW
Life Coach and Business Coach

“Great workshop
– well presented
– well conducted
– sense of humour
– fantastic results”
Josette Nicholls – Waverly, NSW

“Thank you so much for a really enjoyable workshop. It was great to be a part of it and to see how EFT plays out as you work with someone – especially in that kind of ‘stream of consciousness’ style. I picked up a lot of valuable insights and I appreciated the relaxed and friendly environment for us to learn. I had a great time on this workshop. It was different to others I’ve done where there might be a rigid structure and objectives, but it made for a more relaxed learning experience and I enjoyed it. I found the insights you shared about being a practitioner really helpful, and I loved the illustration about internal/external pain (rubbing your arm) – I find that really useful for explaining to others about their responses to words/events and the way towards healing. And I thought you held a good balance between working with an individual participant for their issue, and teaching the rest of us throughout the process. I also appreciated your honesty in the stories you related to us – the hits and the misses! And reminding us to let go of the need to control, let go of the outcomes and be patient. It can be a trap to think, ‘oh EFT should work every time’ or ‘this should work quickly’. It was good to know that even with such experience as yours, this won’t always be the case – and to leave such expectations at the door. I think you presented a great workshop and created a wonderful environment for learning and experiencing EFT with like-minded people – because we don’t come across other EFTers every day! I look forward to the next course.”
Kelly Anderson
Sydney, NSW

Feedback after February 2010 Level 1 and 2 EFT workshop

“EFT has become a way of life for me now and I use it on a daily basis no matter how big or small the issue. I think back onto past grief & trauma and am able to assess it with clarity and calmness rather than emotional pain and fear. Andrew is a professional, organised facilitator, very detailed in his teachings and shares his knowledge with much enthusiasm. Not just a highly recommended course but a beneficial new tool for life!”
Joanne Nicolls,
Sydney, NSW

“EFT is a very powerful tool to release negative emotions related to past emotional trauma. Since your workshop I have done EFT on over 10 patients in my practice (within 2 weeks of attending your workshop), for various conditions, including depression, anxiety, migraine headaches, anger and frustration management and one case of “nervous breakdown” following the breakup of a relationship. The results are astounding to say the least, all the cases have been done without medications and most patients have been treated successfully within an hour. It seems all medical conditions have an emotional base somewhere. The technique is simple to learn and should be in the toolbox of every GP interested in emotional work related to their patients.
This powerful method helps patients who do not seek medications as a first line approach and who seek to manage their conditions within a wholistic framework.
Thank you Andrew for teaching me.”
Dr David Cheah
General Practitioner
Belconnen, ACT

“Andrew is an excellent and delightful teacher of EFT. He is smart, funny, compassionate and very thorough. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to use EFT, or to improve their effectiveness, for themselves or as a step towards becoming a practitioner. This is a truly great opportunity and fantastic value.”
Beth Spencer
Coach, Author, Artist
Central Coast, NSW /

The following feedback has been edited with permission of trainee:
“Dear Andrew,
I have worked with people of all ages and a variety of different needs….
…. a 70 year old woman, S, who had suffered paralysing nightmares all her married life and from earlier as bad dreams…….. she has had no nightmares since.
She has used EFT ever since for other situations……. All of my clients say they feel much lighter after a session and several have dissolved the symptom by
the time they leave. I cannot speak highly enough of using EFT with people seeking help for their problems.
I so look forward to the next level”
Joan Marshall
Craniosacral, Reik and Meridian Tapping therapist
Launceston, TAS

Other EFT quotes and testimonials ( Courtesy of )

“EFT is a phenomenal healing method and is an important centerpiece of my practice. It has helped cure many of my patients with chronic problems.” Eric Robins, MD

“EFT has been amazing for backaches! I had nagging backache for many many months and nothing would help. I would do certain exercises, run hot and cold water on it and nothing changed. It didn’t get better or worse until I tried EFT. One round and it was gone!” Rita Tyner

“I see the results of EFT on a daily basis, and continue to be amazed….I’ve yet to find a problem it can’t help with.” Rachel Gaubert

“I tried your technique 2 days ago and in minutes an eye condition that has been driving me nuts for a year just left. This information is a beautiful gift to all of us.” Sally Shallenberg

“I am not a professional practitioner of EFT. I am a housewife, mother, and portrait photographer who stumbled on to EFT two years ago, and fell in love with the gentle healing that EFT allows.” Lisa Gunnoe

“We are very excited about this EFT program. My wife got rid of her back pain and too frequent headaches she has had for years. I no longer have acid reflux and no longer have to take a prescription drug for it.” Bill Edens

“I’ve never found a more user-friendly, dependable and precise technique that could produce such profound change in such a short time.” Kim English

“Two years ago, 1 1/2 hours of EFT work lifted an eight year long depression for which I had been using meds – I KNOW personally how amazing EFT is.” Janice Smylie

“I tried it on myself and shot a game of golf 12 strokes under my previous best game ever.” Jack Konrath

“I have used EFT on myself and family members for a variety of quick therapies from shoulder pain to headaches, nausea, and so on. This method is absolutely invaluable.” El March, PhD

“My clients have experienced profound & lasting results for weight issues, stress, anxiety, pain, phobias, sports performance, relationship issues, & more.” Lindsay Kenny

“EFT has helped my clients deal successfully with addictions, grief, fears, phobias, sexual abuse, performance issues, self-image and stress.” Dr. Catherine Saltzman

“EFT is a remarkable gift to the world.” Al Viguerie, PhD

“I have gotten great results with EFT personally, and the results that my patients get are often nothing short of miraculous.” Ray Mazon, D.O.M.

“EFT is “The Miracle Drug WITHOUT THE DRUG!” Pat Farrell

“EFT is spectacular! I came across EFT on an internet search…best happy accident of my life!”Anita Barber

“Words escape me. EFT is truly astounding. It could change the human race.” Michael Killingback

“I have applied EFT 70 or 80 times and I have yet to come across a client who is not happy with the results EFT has given.” John Birtwistle

“I have tried your technique, with a lot of skepticism at first, as it defies all logic…. it worked….not only the first time on my headache, but the second time on my stiff neck and tension headache, the third time on my inability to sleep, and so on.” Mary Smith

“Wow! People can’t believe the results we are getting. Neither can I. This is the best healing method I have ever come across.” Jim Eaton

“I’m getting spectacular results with my patients and myself. Thank you!” Joanne M. Hillary, ND

“I downloaded the EFT Manual and have had astounding results. I am blown away by this technique!!” Donna Ehrich