Spiritual EFT Workshops


So, if EFT is so effective, why Spiritual EFT?
It is true that EFT is very effective on a psychological level i.e. mental and emotional and is a powerful tool for healing trauma (from a psychological perspective). However it does not adequately address the spiritual level. And the few EFT and Energy Psychology practitioners who do address the Spiritual realm tend to limit this approach to a modern, westernized and patriarchal approach to Spirituality which often neglects connection to one’s soul, one’s deepest, highest and most sacred Self as well as failing to establish a connection with pure Consciousness and Nature, Mother Earth, and all available Divine Forces and therefore fail to tap into the incredible resources available to us when we access to the Spiritual Realm, which is actually our true nature.

What is Spiritual EFT and why is it so effective?                                                                                                      The power of Spiritual EFT comes through the synergistic combination of ancient spiritual medicine (wisdom from the ages and sages and indigenous and ancient peoples of the world) hhhhhhhhh  hhhhhhhhhhh h hhhhhhh h h h h h h hh h          h  h h hh hh hhhhhhh  h hhhhhhhh   hhhhhhhhh    hhhhhh hhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh  hhhhhhhh hhh hh hhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh hhhh hhhhhhhhh hhhinterested in learning Spiritual EFT from a practitioner perspective, (i.e. if you wish to become a qualified EFT practitioner or use EFT in conjunction with other modalities) and for people

These Spiritual EFT training workshops are useful both for people interested in learning Spiritual EFT from a practitioner perspective, (i.e. if you wish to become a qualified EFT practitioner or use EFT in conjunction with other modalities) and for people who are interested in EFT for self-help (i.e. if you are only interested in how you can use EFT to benefit yourself, overcome personal issues and positively transform your life). This is possible because, EFT, when used correctly, is always a form of self-help. The only difference for training as a practitioner is that you, the practitioner are helping the client to help herself or himself. As such the focus of the course is all self-help with EFT. Helping your self and/or helping others help themselves.

These trainings consist of live EFT workshops followed by a post-course mentoring component. This mentoring component is only for those people who wish to register as EFT practitioners with AAMET and is by no means a requirement for others who just wish to attend the workshops for personal benefit, transformation, or the self healing that EFT offers.

The next round of training workshops will be in October/November 2015. Scroll down to see dates, cities, how to register and details on course content.

Spiritual EFT Training Courses and Workshops
With International EFT Trainer Andrew Lewis


Level 1 and 2 combined EFT workshop (3 days)
Thursday, Friday & Saturday 29th, 30th & 31st October 2015
9:30am to 5:30pm each day
Cost of workshop $795
For details of course contents and to book your place now scroll down page
Light refreshments (i.e. morning and afternoon tea) provided
Venue: Ruth Fairfax House,  89-95 Gregory Terrace,  Brisbane, QLD
Places limited – register now below to avoid missing out


Level 1 and 2 combined EFT workshop (3 days)
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 6th, 7th & 8th November 2015
9:30am to 5:30pm each day
Cost of workshop $795 (fully booked)
For details of course contents and to book your place now scroll down page
Light refreshments (i.e. morning and afternoon tea) provided
Venue: The Crows Nest Centre, 2Ernest Place, Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW
Places limited – register now below to avoid missing out 


Level 3 Advanced EFT workshop (3 days)
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 9th, 10th & 11th November 2015
9am to 5pm each day
Cost of workshop $795 (discounts available for Andrew’s trainees)
For details of course contents scroll down page
Light refreshments (i.e. morning and afternoon tea) provided
Venue: The Crows Nest Centre, 2Ernest Place, Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW
Register below and scroll down further for course contents

AAMET EFT practitioner mentoring (professional supervision day for practitioners, therapists & coaches using EFT)
Thursday 12th November 2015
9am to 5pm
Cost of day $175 (discounts available for Andrew’s trainees)
Light refreshments (i.e. morning and afternoon tea) provided
Venue: The Crows Nest Centre, 2Ernest Place, Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW
Contact Andrew to register

Registration options: You can register for any of the workshops in any of the following two ways:

1. By paying 795 through PayPal or with a credit card by clicking the appropriate “Buy Now” button below. Once you have made the payment please also send a confirmation email to andreweft@gmail.com

2. If you prefer to pay by cheque, money order, or bank transfer, email andreweft@gmail.com for details.

EFT Level 1 and 2 Workshop


Once you have made your payment please also send a confirmation email to andreweft@gmail.com .

Bonuses: Besides attending the high quality workshop, and receiving workshop manuals, AAMET certificate, you will also be given exclusive access to Andrew’s Video-Course “EFT Excellence Essentials” which consists of over 15 hours of EFT training videos (valued at $300). Please note that parts of this workshop may be filmed but that you will not be filmed, unless you want to.

100% Money Back Guarantee: By doing the following you are eligible for a money back guarantee. If you attend the whole three days of the training course, apply EFT as taught by Andrew, study and use Andrew’s EFT Video-Course “EFT Excellence Essentials” and if after three months of applying what you have learned, you haven’t significantly benefited from your use of EFT, you will receive a total refund on your course tuition fees.

Cancellation policy: Full refund (less $100 admin fee) for cancellations made more than 28 days prior to workshop. After this time, your place is transferable to another person or you may attend a future workshop (subject to prior notification and confirmation) however there are no refunds.

N.B.: Interstate and overseas attendees please confirm your workshop booking before arranging flights and accommodation as dates and venues may change.

Please note that as places are limited, some of these workshops sell out. If by mistake you register on a course which is already full, you will be notified and you will receive an immediate refund.




This level 1 course includes all of the basics; what EFT is, the existence of energy theories, balancing energy disruptions, increasing the quality of your physical, mental and emotional well being. This one-day workshop provides you with the relevant background information, basic training plus a practical, hands-on session in a relaxed, supportive environment. It has been described as “fun, informative, incredibly valuable and transformational”.

This training is for you if any of the following apply

  • You are truly interested in self-help, self-development and empowerment of yourself and others.
  • You are an existing therapist and you would like to utilise EFT alongside your main or current techniques.
  • You wish to take a foundational step in order to become an EFT practitioner

On this course you will learn how to use EFT to:

  • Break through the cycle of self sabotage
  • Reduce addictive cravings; cigarettes, chocolate, alcohol etc.
  • Release intense fears and phobias
  • Manage and reduce physical pain and symptoms
  • Overcome and change negative or limiting beliefs
  • Alleviate anger, resentment, shame, guilt and judgement
  • Help children learn how EFT can help them calm down
  • Manage and alleviate anxiety and panic
  • Work with specific traumatic events

On this course you will also learn:

  • Brief history of EFT
  • The concepts of EFT and connections to existing therapies and healing modalities.
  • The theories upon which EFT is based and the incredible implications of this understanding in the healing process.
  • Psychological Reversal – a new understanding of the reasons we don’t heal, and simple techniques to overcome it
  • Demonstrations and experiential practice of full EFT protocol
  • EFT shortcuts – ways to streamline this already quick and eloquent therapy, including new tapping points.
  • Techniques to greatly improve the effectiveness of EFT – including the importance of being specific, dealing with shifting aspects of memories and emotions, special points and being persistent.
  • Discover the wide range of physical and emotional issues where EFT is effective and where it shouldn’t be used.
  • Testing the effectiveness of treatments
  • The Movie Technique and the Personal Peace Procedure.
  • Energy toxins and how to eliminate their effects.
  • Understanding cognitive shifts – what signs to expect.
  • Lots of practice working with and experiencing the incredible results of EFT on your own issues.
  • What to do when EFT doesn’t work

At this training you receive a minimum of seven 7 hours of instruction and hands on practice

AAMET Level 1 EFT Certificates are issued at completion of course

Contact Andrew for more details or

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The level 2 training builds upon both your level 1 training, as well as your experience of applying EFT, both to yourself and others. By the time you do your level 2 training you will have doubtlessly seen EFT successfully provide relief for many issues and conditions. You will also have come up against some cases where it “appears” not to work. This course enhances your skills to the point where you can achieve more consistent results. It is here that we look at the art of EFT and go beyond the solely mechanical application of EFT.

This training is for you if:

  • You have already completed a Level 1 approved workshop and have used EFT to benefit yourself and others.
  • You seriously want to expand your knowledge and ability to use EFT with more complex issues and problems for personal or professional applications.
  • If you are interested in becoming an EFT practitioner, then this is a must.

On this EFT level 2 course you will learn:

  • Principles from The Palace of Possibilities – Understanding how our lives, the people with whom we have interacted and the situations we have found ourselves in the past, cloud and become the focus and filters through which we see and experience life now.
  • Activating the Law of Attraction. Using affirmations with EFT. Understanding the reasons why these potentially incredible methods of focusing our intention and creating our desired reality often fail to work. Also how we can use EFT to remove these obstacles and create the life we desire.
  • Additional tapping points. Learn other meridian points that can be added to aid EFT treatments.
  • Ways to inject more gentleness into the EFT procedure – The Gentle techniques: The Tearless Trauma Technique, Chasing the Pain and Sneaking up on the problem.
  • Ways to find Core Issues – Questions and techniques to get to the core issues and root causes of physical and emotional problems.
  • Addressing physical issues – Methods to get to the core issues and emotional reasons behind physical issues and disease.
  • Further methods for Testing Results – Determining whether an issue has been completely collapsed and how to look for remaining aspects.
  • Working with EFT by Telephone – including exploring the many benefits of using EFT over the telephone
  • Delivering EFT in groups – Looking at the application, uses and many advantages of group tapping.
  • Borrowing benefits – See and experience the many powerful ‘Positive Side Effects.’ when using EFT in groups.
  • At the end of the workshop you will have confidence to apply EFT on most issues and challenges that you and/or your clients face.

The training is held over two 2 days and consists of a minimum of fourteen 14 hours of instruction.

AAMET Level 2 EFT Certificates are issued upon completion of the second day’s training.

Contact Andrew for more details or

Book now AAMET Level 2 EFT Training



This is a highly in depth course which aims towards mastering the more advanced principles of EFT. The aim of this course is to help students reach an extremely high level of competency in gaining consistent, long-lasting results with clients using EFT. The course includes multiple practice sessions with feedback and discussion from course participants and Andrew, and suggested alternative approaches. To attend this course, students must already have attained an EFT Level 2 Certificate.

You should only attend a level 3 course if:

  • You have already completed Level 2 approved training and have considerable experience in teaching and applying EFT.
  • You wish to master the essential EFT skills which are needed in order to get consistent and lasting results with EFT.

The following are some of the topics covered in level 3:

  • Uncovering and removing blocks to your use of EFT
  • Blending EFT with other healing modalities
  • Using EFT surrogately
  • The latest advancements and updates to the EFT process
  • Personalising and tailoring your use of EFT
  • Working intuitively with EFT – techniques for developing intuition
  • Supervision of case work: Practice in front of group
  • More advanced uses of EFT: Abundance, Addictions, Chronic Issues, Incurable Disease, Performance Enhancement,
  • The Ultimate Vision for EFT
  • Using mental imagery while tapping
  • The use of exaggeration and humour
  • Using Reframes to shift stuck thought processes
  • Noticing and pointing out cognitive shifts and insights gained
  • The importance of thoroughly testing our work and various ways to do it
  • Parts Integration
  • Identifying and working with core beliefs and values
  • Making choices regarding identity
  • Using EFT to heal the wounded inner child
  • Ways of significantly improving our success rate
  • What to do when EFT is slow or doesn’t work
  • Educating clients to help them get the most from EFT
  • Alternatives to and variations of EFT
  • Methods for dealing with resistance to change
  • Getting yourself out of the way allowing healing to occur
  • Building your own EFT practice and spreading the word

The training is held over three 3 days and consists of a minimum of twenty 20 hours of instruction.

AAMET Level 3 EFT Certificates are issued after post-course mentoring

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