So, if EFT is so effective, why Spiritual EFT?
It is true that EFT is very effective on a psychological level i.e. mental and emotional and also that it is a powerful tool for healing trauma (from a psychological perspective). However it does not adequately address the spiritual level. And the few EFT and Energy Psychology practitioners who do address the Spiritual realm tend to limit this approach to a modern, westernized and patriarchal approach to Spirituality which often neglects connection to one’s Soul, one’s deepest, one’s highest and one’s most sacred Self as well as failing to establish a connection with pure Consciousness and Nature, the Elements, Mother Earth, and all available Divine Forces. Thus other approaches which combine Energy Psychology with Spiritual awareness fail to tap into the incredible Resources available to us when we access the Spiritual Realm, which is actually our true Nature.

What is Spiritual EFT and why is it so effective?
The power of Spiritual EFT comes through the synergistic combination of ancient spiritual medicine (i.e. wisdom of the ages from the sages, shamans, medicine men and women of our ancestors and the indigenous peoples of the world) combined with modern Energy Psychology, Meridian Tapping and EFT.

The true power of Spiritual EFT can be summed up in one of two words: “Alchemy and Synergy”. That is by fusing EFT (and modern Energy Psychology) with the shamanic and spiritual Medicine of our Ancestors something magical and miraculous occurs. It can not even be explained or fathomed on a rational level, as it is part of the Great Mystery. It needs to be experienced in person. It is through bringing these powerful ancient and modern forms of healing together (in the form of Spiritual EFT) that we find the holistic solution for our modern (yet ancient) problems.

If you are interested in learning Spiritual EFT, and experiencing its powerful yet gentle healing effects, you will need to attend one of the workshops listed below.

Who should learn Spiritual EFT? 

  • Spiritual EFT is not for everyone.
  • Spiritual EFT is only for you if you truly wish to uncover and access your full potential.
  • Spiritual EFT is only for you if you wish to fully heal and transform the deepest parts of your Self and you Soul.
  • Spiritual EFT is only for you if you truly desire to remember who you are and why you are here in this life.
  • Spiritual EFT is for you only if want to reclaim all of the power which is rightfully yours.
  • Spiritual EFT is only for you if you are deeply interested in uncovering the truth about reality.
  • Spiritual EFT is only for you if you wish to reconnect with you true Self, and the deepest and highest parts of yourself and your consciousness.

Moreover this Spiritual EFT workshop is for you if you wish to learn the most powerful tools and techniques available for true Spiritual Healing, plus all of the resulting positive Psychological and Physical “sideffects” that follow Spiritual Healing,  This will allow both you and others to benefit unbelievably (whether you interested in self-help or tools for practitioners).

The next round of training workshops will be held in December 2017. Scroll down to see dates, cities, how to register and details on course content.

Are there any prerequisites for the Spiritual EFT course? 

Yes. You should already be well versed with the EFT basics and also intermediate EFT concepts and techniques. If you have had no EFT training, please attend the “EFT crash course” below.

Spiritual EFT Training Courses and Workshops
With International Master EFT Trainer Andrew Lewis


Spiritual EFT Level 1 workshop (3 days)
Friday, Saturday &  Sunday 9th 10th & 11th March 2018
Friday 5 pm to 10 pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am to 5 pm
Value/Cost of workshop (see below)
For details of course contents and to book your place now scroll down page
Light refreshments (i.e. morning and afternoon tea) provided
Venue: The Centre, 14 Frances St, Randwick (Sydney) NSW
Places limited – register now below to avoid missing out 



  1. Click on the PayNow button.
  2. Insert workshop price (You choose) and number of tickets you are purchasing
  3. Log into your Paypal account or pay with your credit card

The cost, or how much You pay, for the Spiritual EFT workshop, is open for you to choose.
The true value (i.e. how much it can help You improve your Life) is priceless and beyond measure.
The market value (based on going rates for transformational training courses) is approx $1200.
You are invited to feel within YourSelf and decide what feels right for You.
If You feel happy paying the market value, feel free to.
If You feel happy paying a little more than the market value, feel free to.
If You feel happy paying a little less than the market value, feel free to.
If You feel happy paying a much more than the market value, feel free to.
If You feel happy paying a much less than the market value, feel free to.
Whatever sum feels right for You is perfect.


Bonuses: Besides attending the high quality workshop, and receiving workshop manuals, AAMET certificate, you will also be given exclusive access to Andrew’s Video-Course “EFT Excellence Essentials” which consists of over 15 hours of EFT training videos (valued at $700). Please note that parts of this workshop may be filmed but that you will not be filmed, unless you want to.

100% Money Back Guarantee: By doing the following you are eligible for a money back guarantee. If you attend the whole three days of the training course, apply EFT as taught by Andrew, study and use Andrew’s EFT Video-Course “EFT Excellence Essentials” and if after three months of applying what you have learned, you haven’t significantly benefited from your use of EFT, you will receive a total refund on your course tuition fees.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations are quite inconvenient for the event organizers and very unfortunate for You. Rather than cancelling, considering transferring your place to another person or postponing your attendance to a future workshop. If the organizers cancel the event, You will receive a 100% refund of the tuition fee you paid. If You change your mind, or choose not to attend, or are unable to attend the event, your place is available for transfer to another event or for another person You have substitute You, but You will not be eligible for a refund.

N.B.: Interstate and overseas attendees please confirm your workshop booking with the organiser before arranging flights and accommodation as dates and venues may change. These expenses are your responsibility.

Please note that as places are limited, some of these workshops sell out. If by mistake you register on a course which is already full, You will be notified and You will receive an immediate refund. If a workshop is cancelled You will receive a full refund of the course fees.

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