Your rare opportunity to learn EFT with an international EFT trainer who has studied in person with the creator Gary Craig.

“This is my personal invitation to share with you a technique which can improve your life and the lives of your loved-ones!!”

Hi, Andrew Lewis here and in this video course you will find stacks of useful and valuable information on this fantastic technique that EFT is.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in the videos:

  • What the cause of negative emotions is (if you you want to resolve them first you need to know what’s causing them, don’t you?)
  • My NEW EFT model
  • How to use EFT for practically ANY kind of issue or problem
  • What “psychological reversal” is (yes, you have it too) and how to overcome it
  • How you are sabotaging yourself – and what you can do to stop it from happening

You think that’s it? Oh, no…not even close….

You’ll also get to find out:

  • How to free your emotions in a single breath
  • Why it can be hard to break free from bad habits
  • How to overcome skepticism
  • How you can choose to feel better now

and much, much more.

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Firma Andrew Lewis

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Testimonials from our EFT courses and coaching

“Andrew and I have swapped coaching sessions on a regular basis in the past. The sessions with Andrew have helped me grow both as a person and a practitioner. Andrew has a great sense of humor, is insightful, and knows just about all the tools, tricks and techniques that are out that to change rapidly and get the outcome you are looking for.”
Sebastiaan van der Schrier – Social Anxiety Expert/EFT Coach –

“I have had and have, very enjoyable, positive, constructive and efficient life-enhancing coaching sessions with Andrew. It has greatly benefited me in my personal life and in my work as a financial coach.  Would recommend Andrew to everyone.
Trevor Pavitt – Co-author of “Heal Your Investments – A Story Your Banker Will Never Tell You”

“Dear Andrew ,thank you for your caring and professional approach with our eft training session. I benefited enormously and it helped me to stay on course at a very difficult time. Your competent manner and wide range of techniques impressed and supported me in my personal and professional life. Once again many thanks and lots of success with your future endeavours.”
Stuart Goodman – Corporate Laughter Training and Coaching –

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