This could the single best-ever investment in your overall health and wellbeing

I have spent thousands of Australian dollars and US dollars along with thousands of pounds and euros investing in my emotional, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual wellbeing in the form of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) products and courses both online and live.

After all of the courses I have bought and attended I can honestly say that back in 2004 I made the single best investment I have ever made in my wellbeing when I purchased Gary Craig’s (Gary Craig is the creator of EFT) original EFT training course. At the time they were video cd’s and I remember spending hours per day watching and tapping along with Gary and his clients and/or course participants. That was when I really felt my life turn around and other people saw and noticed the changes in me.

A few years ago Gary’s then product became DVDs but now they are totally online and you can see them all here:

Here are the topics covered in his videos:

EFT for Pain Management

EFT Art of Delivery

Borrowing Benefits (Easy EFT)

EFT for Emotional Overeating

Marketing Tips & Treasures

EFT Advanced Concepts

Surrogate EFT

Challenging EFT Case: Nancy – Grief, Guilt & Childhood Abuse

But before you go there and pick which of the videos you are interested in viewing, buying and studying, let me give you my two cent’s worth.

Buy all 8 video sets even if you aren’t interested in all 8 topics. Why would you, you may ask? Because you will get so much more out of it, that you will be glad you did. In fact, if you buy all 8 video sets, you receive $1,200 value for only $375. Trust me, if you put this to use, you will get over $12,000 value from it. Gary Craig is a man of integrity. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee. So if you don’t feel you have got your money’s worth, you can get a full no-questions-asked refund.

So Andrew, what do you recommend, attend a live EFT training workshop or watch the creator of EFT, Gary Craig, teach and apply EFT, or do EFT coaching with an expert? That’s simple. Do all three. My experience has taught me that the more I invest in myself, the more I invest in my own emotional freedom, the more I invest in my own wellbeing, the better, much better it is for me and others.

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