What is Spiritual EFT?                                                                                                                                                                   Spiritual EFT is the synergistic union of EFT, with various other forms of Meridian Tapping techniques and Energy Psychology modalities, combined with the Spiritual Medicine of Indigenous People of the World and the ancient, yet timeless, Teachings and Wisdom of our Ancestors.

Want to learn Spiritual EFT?                                                                                                                                                          Great! The only way to truly learn Spiritual EFT by attending a live workshop. See you there.

EFT is a powerful healing modality. Why Spiritual EFT?                                                                                                            It is true that EFT  is a very powerful healing modality (for evidence of EFT’s efficacy, see this document which highlights the Scientific Research into EFT and Energy Psychology) but my experience has been that something very, very important is missing. EFT, and indeed all forms of Energy Psychology, fail to address the Spiritual nature of our life. That we are first and foremost spiritual beings is not taken into consideration on the protocol and application of EFT.

It is true that we have bodies with physical sensations and feelings and emotions. EFT takes this into consideration in its protocol and application. It is likewise true that we have minds, conscious and subconscious, and we have thoughts and beliefs and memory and imagination. EFT takes this into consideration in its protocol and application.

It is also true that we are pure Consciousness, we are Souls, we are part of the Oneness of all Creation, all forms of Life are interConnected, we are Sons and Daughters of the Universe and we are the result of the Union of Divine Mother and Divine Father. This is NOT taken into consideration in the protocol and application of EFT nor other Energy Psychology therapies.

EFT and Energy Psychology, over the past thirty years, have provided much factual support to the mind-body notion that in order for there to be true physical healing there needs to be true psychological healing. Spiritual EFT takes this a step further… in order for there to be true physical and psychological healing, there needs to be, first of all, true Spiritual Healing.

It is laughable but true that most of conventional medicine approaches the mind and body as separate units. Fortunately, mind-body medicine is a step in the right direction, in that it considers how the mind influences the body and viceversa, but it is still not enough. Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine is the answer we need in today’s world.

Spiritual EFT takes the best of our modern mind-body medicine (including EFT and Energy Psychology) and empowers it with the ancient spiritual practices and the spiritual medicine used by the Medicine Men and Medicine Women form indigenous people around the world. This providing us with a complete truly holistic approach which acts upon and accesses all levels of the mind: conscious, subconscious, superconscious and all levels of body: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal and all levels of spirit: liberation, awareness, commitment, union.

There are many Spiritual Practices and Teachings. Why Spiritual EFT?                                                                    There are indeed many spiritual practices and the reason for this is that human beings have a deep urge and necessity to uncover, rediscover and remember our true spiritual nature. Much of the wisdom and teachings of the ancient peoples of the world has been shrouded by various religions. Many of today’s religious practices are dogmatic and others are even harmful (especially those which inculcate fear, judgement, guilt and shame) and do not serve the purpose of true reconnection, reawakening, healing, liberation and union.

True spiritual Teachings have Love at their Centre. True Spirituality includes the following: Love, Respect, Integrity, Freedom, Acceptance, Peace, Joy, Compassion, Happiness, Gratitude, Beauty, Appreciation and all that which leads to Health, Healing and Harmony.

The Spiritual practices of our Ancestors and the Indigenous Peoples of the World were forms of true Spiritual Medicine. This Spiritual Medicine was and still is extremely effective. However, it was designed for ancient people in ancient contexts. In order for this ancient spiritual medicine to be as effective as possible for modern people, in our modern context, it needs to be delivered in a form which is accessible and digestible to us here and now.  Moreover, EFT and Energy Psychology, and other personal transformational tools and technology which has been developed recently, are truly powerful means of healing, which when combined with this ancient Spiritual Medicine, becomes more powerful than the Spiritual Medicine alone.

So why not just use EFT and have a separate Spiritual Practice? Why combine them together?                          Spiritual EFT is Synergy. The definition of Synergy is: the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements

EFT and Energy Psychology alone is a powerful healing modality. Ancient Spiritual Medicine is powerful healing modality. The result of their synergistic relationship is a much more powerful Medicine, or healing modality, than either of these forms of medicine or healing as a separate modality. The sum is much much greater than the parts.

Want to learn Spiritual EFT?                                                                                                                                                          Great! The only way to truly learn Spiritual EFT by attending a live workshop. See you there.